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Our Mission

In 2008 I adopted a dog, a Labrador Retriever from my local humane society she was about 10 months old, they think. Within a week I realized that she was a very special dog. I also realized that one day she would break my heart when she would cross the rainbow bridge. On March 6th 2023  she crossed that bridge it is now almost 7 months and I am still in shock and shed a few tears every day. She loved everyone and all animals. She saved 7 kittens from sure death even bringing one small black kitten home. I had 15 great years with her and wished she could live forever. She was simply one amazing dog and everyone who knew her fell in love with her in seconds.  Being how she was with all the kittens and cats I made a promise to her that I would start a nonprofit company to help all the cat feeders in south Florida and maybe if I can raise enough funds to help other feeders in many other places. I too feed cats about 100 each day twice a day and it is difficult to have the funds to buy food and any medical supplies. Plus getting them spayed and neutered. Every feeder has this problem.  

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