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About Us

First off, I am an animal lover and advocate. I believe in order to maintain our balance on this planet we must save the animals, all animals not just our dogs and cats. They are all here for a reason and if we take one away, our ecosystem suffers.

I was born on a farm in Ohio and had a dog and a few cats with a lot of chickens and a couple of cows and I remember how my grandfather taught me how to milk a cow when I was only 7 years old. I have always had either a cat or dog with me most of my life. So yes, I love the animals!

March, 2008 I adopted a Labrador retriever she was the most awesome and smartest dog I have ever had. I named her Abby, I had 15 awesome years with her unfortunately on March 6, 2023, I made a heartbreaking decision to let her cross over to the rainbow bridge. She was my 7th dog in my life, and she was special. She loved everyone including all animals. I feed about 80 to 90 stray and feral cats where I live, needless to say there were only a few of them I could touch, however they all loved my dog Abby when we would go for our nightly walk, they would follow her. During her 15 years she saved 7 kittens and they all got adopted with me keeping one and is still with me. Due to her love of all life, I made a promise to Abby and myself I would start a nonprofit organization and name it after her. I keep my promise.

I have this website to be able to raise funds for all those great women and a few awesome men who feed all the stray cats and dogs in South Florida. Photo below is Abby she got arthritis. Barely can walk but happy. A few months later she went downhill. My heart was broken!